About us

Dulwich Therapy Rooms is an integrated health centre based in the heart of East Dulwich. Our aim is to promote natural health in all its aspects at the best of our knowledge.
We are integrating our therapeutic work with orthodox medicine, which we regard as effective and equally valid in many ways.

Our team of experienced practitioners and instructors aims to provide patient-centred care and help you find natural means to nurture your body's (and mind’s) ability to regain and maintain better health, search for and treat, where-ever possible, the underlying cause(s) of your problems, rather than treat only symptomatically.

We are striving to give you the best of service, value for your money and, most importantly, a tailored treatment programme to suit your individual circumstances and needs. If we believe that you should see a GP or specialist, or go for tests, we will let you know.

Your health is important to us.