Aromatherapy massage involves a blend of highly aromatic essential oils, specifically tailored for the patient, being applied to the body using a variety of massage techniques.

Aromatherapy massage can be a deeply relaxing treatment combining the powerful effects of massage and plant extracts.

A great variety of conditions can benefit from aromatherapy owing to the medicinal properties of the powerful plant essences. Each oil has properties that are unique to the plant source from which it was extracted and when inhaled or absorbed through the skin the oil is transported throughout the body via the blood.

head massage

Soothe your mind -
Feel taken care of


  • Luxurious and extremely relaxing experience 
  • Blend of oils prepared specifically to the patient and varied on each visit to accommodate current needs 
  • Oils can be used to great effect at home between treatments to further progress


The NHS Complementary and Alternative Medicine Specialist Library website lists useful research articles on the uses and efficacy of aromatherapy.

aroma massage

Essential oils blended for you