Counselling Services

You or someone you know may be seeking counselling or psychotherapy for a wide variety of reasons. This section offers some background information designed to help make choices or to simply give you more information.

The reasons people come to counselling or psychotherapy are as varied as people themselves. Often, clients have encountered distressing or stressful experiences or situations which they'd like to talk about in a safe setting. These might include present circumstances of bereavement, separation, or other major life transitions, or experiences from the past, such as in childhood. Others seek help in dealing with specific psychological or behavioural traits which they'd like to alter, such as compulsive thoughts or difficulties relating to people. Some people seek counselling to help them explore a general feeling that their lives are not quite right, or to cope with feelings of depression or anxiety. Still others look to counselling as part of their effort to discover or create meaning in their lives. Many people are attracted to counselling as an opportunity to undertake personal development in a safe and supportive environment. It is not at all necessary to have a 'problem' to find counselling useful.

People seeking general development as well as difficulties ranging from 'minor niggles' to profound distress impacting all areas of life have benefited from counselling and psychotherapy.

Below are the counselling services we offer at Dulwich Therapy Rooms. Each therapy is explained and will link you to the relevant therapist.