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Diagnostic Tests

The majority of the tests below require only a
pin-prick sample of blood or a urine sample, as indicated below. (Prices are inclusive of VAT.) Results are available within 10 working days from the lab's receipt of sample. The lab (Cambridge Nutritional Sciences) will bill the client directly on receipt of the sample and a printed report will be sent.

finger prick test

Food Intolerance Tests (IgG)

The CNS Foodprint Test is one of the most accurate tests available for food allergies and intolerances. The results show the exact U/ml measurement for each food tested.

Foodprint 40+ Blood £111.60
Foodprint 60+ Blood £162.00
Foodprint 120+ Blood £211.20
Foodprint 200+ Blood £291.60
Foodprint Vegan Blood £162.00
Foodprint Vegetarian    Blood £162.00
Foodprint Herbs & Spices  Blood £111.60

Please check with Virginia Blake which test would be most suitable for you.

Other functional tests are available. These include tests for digestive function, hormonal balance (male & female), metabolic ageing, nutrient screens and stress response. Recommendations for tests are usually made following a consultation.