The DTR Fertility Clinic

This clinic specialises in male and female infertility and recurrent miscarriage and IVF support. Our approach is founded on the growing evidence supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in treating these conditions, as well as nutritional and lifestyle changes. It further incorporates the benefits of other natural medicines together with Western medical expertise to offer a truly integrated service. Our aim is to provide you with the facts you need to make an informed choice regarding your treatment path.

We are committed to optimizing the health of you and your partner in order to maximize your chances of conception, prevent miscarriage, ensure a healthy pregnancy, an efficient labour and a healthy baby.

Our therapeutic and medical care usually incorporates one or more of the following:

Treatment Plan

An initial consultation is given one of our acupuncturists to review your medical history. On this basis, comprehensive pre-conceptual advice is given. Your treatment programme will reflect one or several aspects, which will include lifestyle, medical history, gynaecological, oncological, structural, nutritional and emotional health.

Our acupuncturists work with a team of practitioners to offer you a treatment plan to suit you. This means that in some cases, only one of these therapies may be needed, while in other cases, you may benefit from a combination of therapies that work together to address the various aspects of your health.

Where necessary it is advised to go for blood tests, scans, semen analysis, hair analysis (to check for toxic metals) or make a referral to a gynaecologist.