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Anna Oehrling

BA (Hons) Psych, Reiki 3
Reiki Master (Usui Reiki)

Anna is a Reiki master of the oldest form of Reiki, Usui, and has trained with and found inspiration from various reiki masters and teachers in the UK. She was drawn to learning energy healing through Reiki first, and since having become a Reiki master, she is continuing her journey which has deepened her skill and awareness.

She can support you through a difficult time in your life, may it be health, spirit or emotions. You can discover your own energy healing journey with her or just simply have a safe space to let go, relax and get a boost of good energy.

Anna is happy to talk with you about any questions you may have, before you book in.

Anja David

Reiki 3, CNHC
Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner (Usui Reiki)

Anja discovered Reiki several years ago when her husband was seriously ill and she had 2 young children to care for. Reiki very quickly became an integral part of her life. She qualified as a Practitioner in 2012 and has been treating clients with a wide range of conditions ever since.

She practises the traditional Japanese method of Usui Reiki, blending meditation & crystal chakra balancing to deepen the healing experience. Anja intuitively holds the space for others to find a deeper connection and receive universal healing energy.

Anja creates a tranquil, secure space for her clients to unwind, relax and enjoy the benefits of a calm, nurturing treatment.

She has helped clients with a variety of symptoms: stress; anxiety; depression; fatigue; sleeping problems; fertility; hormonal imbalances; weight & self-esteem; making or coping with changes in life; trauma; grief; living with chronic conditions.

Anja is CNHC registered and is a fully insured member of the UK Reiki Federation.

Please call Anja directly if you have any queries prior to booking your appointment.

Anja has made some special offers available to you, which may entice you to try her wonderful sessions.

M: 07817 350840
T: 020 8299 4232 (bookings)
E: anna@dulwichtherapyrooms.co.uk

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T: 020 8299 4232 (bookings)

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