Healing Therapies


What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a therapeutic system that uses a wide variety of hands-on techniques to cleanse, repair, realign and vitalise the Human Energy Field. It involves tracing the cause of any suffering through the physical and emotional symptoms to its roots deep within our psyche. This promotes health and well-being on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Healing in this way tends to be very deep acting and often addresses the cause of our life condition.

The natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and vitality. However, when we experience difficulties in our life and the experience becomes too painful to accept, we freeze the unresolved energy into blockages in our energy field. This then depletes our vitality, which can lead to ill-health and suffering.

With the assistance of hands-on skills, including the channelling of high vibrational frequencies, we can be guided into bringing these blockages to light and release them. This process facilitates the conscious resolution of life issues, which enables healing on all levels including physical health, emotional well-being, loving relationships and spiritual realisation.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy Healing can guide us towards loving acceptance of ourselves and our problems

What to expect from a Healing session

There are three stages to a typical healing session:

Awareness: An initial period of discussion and evaluation to clarify the various issues to be addressed. The healer can also use Extra Sensory Perception to aid the client in the process of discovering the original cause of their condition.

Release: This involves hands-on energy Healing using a variety of available techniques. This can include phases of passively receiving energy work and possibly more cathartic emotional release. This is normally conducted with the client laying down, fully clothed on a therapy table.

Integration: The session is completed with grounding and bringing into consciousness the newly awakened life force, such that the healing can be integrated into life. This involves further energy work and sharing of guidance received during the session.

Energy Healing is complementary to and enhances the positive effects of all other systems of health care and healing, including orthodox medicine.