Homeopathy is a system of medicine that was first developed and practised by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (in Germany) in 1790 and has been continuously developed since.

Homeopathy is gentle. The remedies used are completely non-toxic and can be used alongside conventional medicines.

Uses & who benefits
Homeopathy can help people with all kinds of illnesses and complaints, either on its own or in complement to conventional medicine. It uses a holistic approach in the sense that it treats the whole person rather than only the symptoms. This means that very often there are improvements in areas other than those for which help was originally sought. By treating the whole person homeopathy can be particularly helpful in dealing with vague symptoms or chronic conditions, or simply as a preventative measure. It is safe for babies, children, pregnant and lactating women, adults of any age.


Your first consultation will take up 90 minutes. Subsequent visits take no more than 45 minutes. Dawn will supply you with the remedies either straight after your appointment or post them on to you the next day, if it is necessary to work on your case.

Your Case History
The homeopath will need to know your complete medical history, including childhood illnesses and any serious illnesses other members of your family, living or dead, may have suffered. You will be expected to talk about your emotional state currently and throughout your life, without the need to mention details. The first consultation can be very therapeutic, as distant memories are brought up.

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Dawn Talavera is a licensed homeopath practising in South East London.

Please feel free to contact Dawn to briefly discuss your condition prior to booking an appointment.

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Homeopaths are governed by the Alliance of Homeopaths (UK). Their training involves a minimum of three years' full-time study. A high standard has to be achieved in order to gain a licence to practise.

A well-known user of homeopathy was the Queen Mother, who consulted a homeopath for many years of her long and healthy life.

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