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"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

Albert Einstein


Individual Therapy

Personal Consultancy

integrates psychotherapy, counselling and coaching approaches into an accessible, flexible ‘talking cure’; addressing past hurts, present situations and future goals and personal development.

An initial consultation with our Chartered Psychologist, Ruth Shelley, is used to highlight your individual needs and wishes and consider possibilities. If you choose to go ahead, sessions are often held in blocks of 4-8 weeks, with a review. Weekly, fortnightly, monthly and occasional sessions are options; short and long therapy terms.

Ruth offers sensitive and practical support with a wide range of issues. You can expect to feel the relief of sharing in confidence, gain greater personal insight and self awareness, and experience the challenge and satisfaction of change. The process is often described as a natural conversation, which encourages greater realisation of your own personal strengths and potential.

Those keen on particular methods, including trainees, may request techniques from psychodynamic, humanistic and CBT schools, as well as a Jungian art therapy method. Common outcomes include: coping with stress, managing relationships, symptom reduction (anxiety and depression), solving problems in work, gaining self-confidence, overcoming trauma, and increased well-being.

For more information contact Ruth Shelley.

Other Counselling Services:

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

works on the principle that your thoughts (or cognitions) influence the way you feel and behave. This means that the kinds of thoughts we generate influence how we feel about certain events in our lives.

You are what you think!

As there are a number of Counsellors and Psychologists providing this therapeutic method at our clinic, we recommend you consult their individual profiles to select the most suitable person for you.


There is no commonly agreed distinction between counselling and psychotherapy - UKCP registered psychotherapists are trained to Masters level.

Psychotherapy aims to help clients gain insight into their difficulties or distress and to enable them to explore ways of coping or bringing about changes in the way they think, feel and behave.

Every session is different because every client is different as are their problems. In our meetings I will encourage you to talk about your feelings and experiences in a structured way and will work with you to help find the capacity for change within yourself.

Having confidence in your therapist is essential. We can meet initially for a single session to discuss what you are looking for and give you an opportunity to ask questions to help you decide whether you think we can work together. You can opt for short or longer term therapy.

For more information contact Karen Francis.


Tree of Psychotherapy
copyright R. Sponsel 1996

Existential Psychotherapy

The existential approach helps clients to find ways to make their lives work better for them and gain a better understanding and more meaning from their lives. Living more in the present and becoming aware of their anxieties, choices and responsibilities is key to this process.

As the approach is client based, the client can decide on the length of time and the issues they wish to bring to therapy. The therapist is there to listen and guide the client to a better understanding of themselves and to help open up new possibilities. Consequently, therapy is a useful way to discuss and work on issues in a confidential, meaningful way.

It is possible to integrate this approach with others, and both psychoanalytic and humanistic approaches have been utilised in therapy by Helena Belgrave.

Please contact Helena Belgrave for more information.