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Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a fast and effective technique for de-stressing and calming. It involves massage to the shoulders, arms, neck and head. The recipient receives the treatment sitting in a chair and remains fully clothed.

Benefits can include:

  • easing of tight shoulder muscles
  • aiding lymphatic drainage from the face
  • encourasing a good blood supply to the face
  • encouraging a good blood supply to the scalp, nourishing hair roots

Main use

treatment of musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries, work-related muscle tightness & tension

Massage Therapy treats soft tissue by hands-on-massage to improve muscle tone and improve blood flow

a range of techniques, including deep tissue massage and stretching

can help to break down the build up of tension in the body, improve the suppleness & flexibility of muscles and joints, leading to enhanced sports performance and promote relaxation.

Who is it for?
sports people:
marathon runners, athletes, personal trainers, boxers, swimmers, yoga instructors, rugby players, as well as gym users etc.

non-sports people:
people with occupations that require them to be in static positions for long periods of time and as a result have a build up of tension from poor muscle tone in the body, such as people with desk-bound work, drivers, therapists, doctors. It is also beneficial to people with jobs requiring heavy manual labour or one-sided use of the body, such as builders, movers, gardeners, mechanics etc.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage, also known as Swedish massage or remedial massage, works on the muscles to release muscular tension, ease pain, and improve movement in the body. It encourages blood and lymph flow thus increasing oxygen and nutrients delivered to the tissues of the body and encouraging toxins and waste products to be removed.

Whilst the physical manipulation of the muscles helps improve muscle condition and reduce muscular tension, many of the techniques also calm the autonomic nervous system, switching it from its sympathetic mode (adrenaline-driven, fast-paced, stressed) to the parasympathetic mode (concerned with relaxation, healing and cell renewal). This provides an invaluable opportunity for the body to rest on a deep level and repair itself.

Massage therapy is useful in treating deep-seated muscular tension, which can occur due to postural problems from a sedentary lifestyle, hard physical work and prolonged stress. It can be extremely useful in the management of stress when received regularly as part of an ongoing regime.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

light, rhythmic strokes

for conditions related to poor lymph flow, such as:

  • oedema
  • inflammation
  • neuropathies
    • Any stress, mental or physical, causes areas in the body of restricted lymphatic flow. Lymphatic fluid is vital to the life process, bathing all the cells, it acts as a medium of exchange; trading food for the cells for the waste products. This waste contains microorganisms, damaged cells, and protein molecules that are too large or too toxic to go directly into the blood stream through the capillary walls. When the lymphatic system slows down, these waste products accumulate and stagnate which causes the heavy feeling in your limbs and the overall fatigue experienced in a sedentary life style.

      How does it work?
      The predominant fluid in your body is lymphatic fluid. This fluid carries nutrients from the food you eat and oxygen from the air you breathe. It also carries toxic poisons, bacteria, cholesterol and viruses away from the cells in your body. Since there is no pump (like the heart for blood) to push this fluid through the body, it is only moved by deep breathing, stretching, vigorous exercise, gravitational force and massage. Manual lymphatic drainage improves the flow of lymphatic fluid.
      The pulsating massage action causes the millions of one-way valves that regulate the flow of fluid to open and close, thus allowing a healthy surge of lymphatic fluid throughout the entire body.

      Health maintenance & strengthening the immune system
      Our lymphatic system is primarily responsible for carrying disease-fighting material to cells attacked by germs, transporting the dead germs away and supplying protein-rich plasma fluid back to the heart. When this system is blocked, we become defenseless against attacks by virus, fungi, and bacteria.
      Unlike your venous system, your lymphatic system has no pumping mechanism to keep the fluid circulating through the body. Therefore, the lymphatic system is always at a higher risk for blockage. Blockages can occur from normal stressors such as:

      • Illness
      • Tight-fitting clothing including bras, ties, shorts & tights
      • Lack of exercise
      • Bumps, bruises, and other injuries
      • Exposure to heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides
      • Impaired circulation
      • Food allergies or sensitivities
      • Surgery
      • Stress
        • The Lymphatic System
          The lymphatic system is a vital circulatory system with an extensive network of vessels throughout the body. Our body contains about 50% more lymphatic fluid than blood. The lymphatic system contains over 600 collection sites called lymph nodes. These nodes are formed at the junction sites of the lymph vessel network. It is responsible for supplying plasm-rich protein to the blood, as well as carrying away toxins and other debris. The lymphatic system is our primary defense against bacteria, viruses and fungus.
          Most chronic (disease) problems occur at the junction of lymph vessels called lymph nodes. For instance, in men the inguinal nodes, in the crease of the groin, are the primary channel for release of accumulated lymh from the prostrate. In women the axillary nodes, located in the arm pit, are the primary channel for releasing accumulated lymph from the breasts. Cellulite is primarily blocked lymphatic fluid.

          Who benefits?
          Receiving Massage can provide relaxation, improved circulation, and can be of great benefit for post-operative recovery, to persons suffering from oedema.
          It is useful for people with occupations that require them to be in static positions for long periods of time and as a result have a build-up of tension in the body, such as people with desk-bound work, drivers, therapists, doctors. It is also beneficial to people with jobs requiring heavy manual labour or one-sided use of the body, such as builders, movers, gardeners, mechanics etc.

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage

(from 12 weeks to birth)

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful treatment to support the mother-to-be during changes that occur throughout the various stages of the incredible process of pregnancy.

Techniques are adapted to accommodate the physical changes that occur during pregnancy and to make the treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Particular attention is focused on the back (especially areas of muscular tension and pain in the lower back) and legs (helping to relieve cramps and reduce fluid retention).

The treatment is valuable and enjoyable at any stage during pregnancy but is particularly beneficial during the third trimester when many issues such as heavy limbs, oedema (fluid retention), leg cramps, lower back pain, and anxiety about the birth can arise.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage combines the powerful effects of massage with the use of highly aromatic plant oils known as essential oils. After a brief consultation about medical history, and what outcome is desired from the treatment, a selection of these essential oils are chosen for the patient and a blend unique to them at that time is created.

An aromatherapy massage provides a luxurious and extremely relaxing experience whilst being able to treat a wide variety of conditions due to the powerful medicinal properties of the essential oils.

You can read more about aromatherapy here.

Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage)

The traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is a beautiful massage which incorporates lots of long-flowing strokes and often involves massage on several areas of the body simultaneously, creating an extraordinary massage experience in which all parts of the body feel connected.

Lomi Lomi Massage is a unique healing massage that has been handed down through Hawaiian families for generations and is extremely relaxing and nurturing. It aims to bring the body back into balance and instills a deep sense of peace, harmony and well-being.

Pulsing (Rhythmic Movement Massage)

Pulsing is a dynamic form bodywork in which a rhythmical wave-like motion is created throughout the body. It is a movement-based massage, which incorporates stretching and rotations whilst combining a continuous rhythmic rocking, creating an enjoyable, relaxing and energising experience. Pulsing facilitates the gentle release of muscular and emotional tension leading to deeper, easier breathing with greater body awareness. It increases flexibility and is invaluable for people with restricted movement at a site of an old injury, especially if it has now healed but ist still inhibiting movement due to associations with previous pain and discomfort.

The treatment is received fully clothed. Ideally loose fitting clothes should be worn to allow maximum movement.