Nutritional Therapy

We believe healthy eating should be a pleasurable and fulfilling experience.
Every-day foods should offer many benefits that can help you reach your optimum health. It is no exaggeration to say what you eat can transform how you feel. Benefits of good nutrition can range from increased vitality and better mood to dramatic improvement of a chronic illness.

What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy is the use of diet to help you to help you manage a particular condition or to help you reach your optimum health. What you eat can have a dramatic effect on your health and well-being. Nutritional therapy recognizes that everyone has unique body chemistry and so recommendations are specific to your needs.

How does nutritional therapy work?
There are countless ways in which changing your diet boosts your health, increases your vitality and even improves your mood. The aim is to encourage your body to work more efficiently and to support your own healing processes through:
  1. Improving detoxification.
  2. Correcting any vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  3. Ensuring healthy digestion.

Diagnostic Tests
Our nutritional therapists may use diagnostic tests. These are established laboratory tests that may enable the therapist to identify the root cause or your symptoms. The test used will need to be appropriately selected.

Tests commonly used include:

  • Food intolerance tests: Blood tests to identify foods that are aggravating you.
  • Female hormonal tests: Blood or urine samples used to help identify factors contributing to problems such as infertility, unexplained weight gain or menstrual irregularities.
  • Stool analysis for digestive disorders: May be used to identify causes of Irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, indigestion and many other digestive complaints.
  • Hair Mineral Analysis: Tests for Toxicity & Deficiency
    • Our Nutritional Therapist, Monica McSherry will be happy to guide you through the vast range of treatments and tests.
      Please fell free to contact her directly, should you have any questions or want to book an appointment, or phone clinic reception on 020 8299 4232.

A Note to New Nutritional Therapy Clients

Ideally...  before your Initial Nutrition Consultation we require a questionnaire to be filled out and to reach us around three days before your appointment. This is to ensure that you can get the most from your consultation.

You can opt for one of these three options:

  • Download & fill out the pre-consultation questionnaire  PDF
  • Phone our clinic reception on 020 8299 4232 to request a copy to be sent to you by post, or
  • Collect the questionnaire in person from clinic reception.
    • Please send or email the questionnaires FAO: Monica McSherry before your appointment (for postal address click here), or email this to the nutritional therapist directly (see contact details or ask for the email at clinic reception).

      If your appointment is very soon, you will need to bring the questionnaires with you on the day of your consultation. Please bear in mind however that in this case your nutritional therapist will not be able to prepare for your consultation in advance.

      Many thanks!