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Dawn Talavera (Dunstan)

Dawn studied homeopathy at the London College of Homeopathy after being impressed at the treatment of her eldest child's glue ear by Linda Razell. She is currently a licentiate of the College of Homeopathy and the Royal Society of Homeopaths. She has a very thorough approach to her case taking and balances her strong intuition with measured science.
Dawn is also a mother of five children and therefore has a natural affinity to the issues of childhood and motherhood.

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Virginia Blake

Nutritional Therapist

Since graduating from the British College of Nutrition and Health (BCNH) Virginia has worked with the NHS supporting hundreds of families with varying health complaints. Work with children includes obesity/ weight management, digestive problems, allergies, repeated infections, rickets and anaemia. Virginia is an expert in child fussy eating and its resolution. Her work with adults includes support for weight management, hormonal imbalance, allergies and food intolerances, IBS, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, headaches and migraines, exhaustion/ CFS, fibromyalgia and nutritional support for addiction and withdrawal.
Virginia is also a lecturer at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition and teaches on the BCNH's (UK College of Nutrition & Health) BSc course in Nutritional Therapy.

M: 07805 061 655
E: homeodawn@hotmail.co.uk
W: dawntalavera.co.uk
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For homeopathic emergencies:

Please contact Dawn Talavera directly on her mobile, stating the nature and urgency of your problem. If you leave a message, she will get in contact with you at the next possible opportunity. Alternatively, you can contact the Homeopathic Helpline on 09065 343404 (Calls are charged to your credit card by the minute.)

M: 07852 123 175
E: virginiablake@virginmedia.com
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