The principles of acupuncture were originally developed to ensure the longevity of the Chinese emperors.

Eventually, the practice of health preservation and medicine became available to all Chinese people. Its success led to it being used throughout the East and more recently in the Western world.

Health is normally maintained by the body’s ability to correct imbalances, combat disease and repair damage. Ill-health can be caused by poor diet, life style, climate, disease and trauma overburdening the body’s defences. Modern medicine and Chinese medicine vary in how health and disease are studied, and consequently, treated but are similar in the way symptoms are grouped in patterns to reach a diagnosis.

By assessing the symptoms of your disease or disorder, as well as all other signs and symptoms, your acupuncturist can determine what is going wrong and why it is happening.

By diagnosing in this holistic way, a treatment plan can be made that is tailored to your individual needs..